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Hier ein paar Gedichte von mir, die ich in englisch geschrieben habe

ich hoffe ich finde die anderen wieder >.<



.:The Light:.

Not to sleep without you.
Not to dream without you.
Not to breathe without you.
A life without you?
I don’t want it,
Cause you are my anchor
You are my life
And you are the light!

You gave me my life.
You gave me the love,
Which I only feel with you.
You gave me, what I needed,
When I felt alone.
I don’t want to live anymore
Without you!
Cause you are my life
And you are the light!

The kisses I give you
The vicinity I give you
The love I give you
Is for the eternity.
I don’t want to life anymore
Without you!
Cause you are my life
And you are the light!

My love is your destiny.
I will give you everything
I got
Only to be with you.
I don’t want to life anymore
Without you!
Cause you are my life
And you are the light!






.:Fair Play:.

Restless nights
starring into nothing.
Mu life turned pitchblack.
I can hear them laughing,
just because I've been such a fool,
falling in love with you.

You choose the rulez,
Not even letting me know,
what game I just joined.
Pushed into the playground.
Left alone with no hints.





My heart stoped beating.
Trying to force it not to give up now.
Tying to pretend I can be strong- without you
being right next to me,
being were you belong-
by my side.

Trying to keep on going-
step by step.
Blurry view, can't see straight,
can't see the goal anymore.

i keep on going,
pretending to be strong.
Just like you always wanted me.





.:My Desteny:.

I can hear him calling.
Have to follow his command.
I have to enter
my intended way of life.

Can't resist his deep voice,
asking for my soul.
So I go,
leaded by his desire




.:So I can:.

Look at me,
So I can let myself go.
Touch me,
So that all my fears will leave me.
Hold me,
So I can fly to an other world.
Kiss me,
So I can spread my wings.
love me,
So I can find myself in heaven.








.:The cheat:.

You know, I know it.
I know what you did!
But I won't blame only you,
I'll blame her too!

She got big tits,
and soft lips.
You were weak,
Didn't care about the cheat!

You didn't care
That at the place you were,
you and me were together.
And you pomised its you and me forever!
And now it stucks in my head...
You did it with her in my bed!!!




.: one question:.

It was more then once,
That you broke my heart.
It wasn’t easy,
To put it back together every time again.
My soul is gone,
Already a long time.
And I know,
It wont return.
My life is done.
My destiny is predetermined.
The end is near.
Only one question left.
Will you stop me?




.:I Can't stand it:.

Have you ever seen a heart torn apart?
Look at mine!
Have you ever seen a soul getting darker and darker?
Look at mine!

You can’t see my bloody tears,
Behind my smiling mask.
You can’t feel my heart breaking,
Under all this fancy clothes.
You can’t here me scream for mercy,
Cause you always just laugh –
Too loud to here anything apart from it.

And you don’t even recognize,
That it was you,
Stinging the knife in my chest.
You don’t see
How you make me suffer.

Open your eyes before it’s to late.
Cause I can't stand this pain,
I can’t stand this anguish.
Can’t stand all your lies.
I can not stand my life anymore
You make me live!




.: Last day:.

When I woke up this morning,
I knew its gonna be my last.
Black Birds flying outside my window
Telling me the bad news.

walking in trance
celebrating the end of my life.

Hope you are proud of youself
Proud that you are the one giving me the rest.
The one who makes me going to an other world

Maybe a better world, maybe a world even worse than this.

I'll let you know



.: No Choice :.

A whistle...
A flash...
An explosion...
Molten Metal cutting through the rush of burning heart.
You died...
It was my fault.
Cut off from everything,
feeling the purity of rush,
Burning away the care of life,
You died because of me
I walked out of your life,
The same way I walked out of countless lives
I just turned around and walked
I never looked back
Letting go
Not even knowing why
I tried to make you see,
How difficult it was.
I crawled into a shell
Where you couldn't reach me anymore.
I told you to leave me alone
My voicebouncing off the walls
It was kind of a non-stop trauma.
twenty-four hours a day
Seven days a week
Now you are gone,
I killed you , I shot you
Can't say I'm happy
Can't say I'm sad.
All I can say
Is you gave me no choice


I saw myself falling down...Lost...crying...scared of the world.

I saw myself running away...lonley... shocked... scared of the world.

I saw myself loosing everything...forgotten...alone...scared of the world.

I saw myself dying..afraid...painful...scared of the world


.:Way to heaven:.


Look at me,
so that I can let myself go.
Touch me,
so that all my fears will leave me.
Hold me,
so that i can go to an other world.
Kiss me,
so that i can spread my wings.
Love me,
so that i can find myself in heaven.


.:How can you love him:.


How can you love him,
While he is lieing to you?

How can you love him,
While he is cheating on you?

How can you love him,
While he is only playing with you?

How can you love him,
While he is only using you?

How can you love him,
While he is breaking your heart?

How can you love him,
While he is ramming the knife in your chest?

Oh girl, I know how you can. I know how this kind of love feels!


.:What does it mean:.

What does a word mean, if it aren't your lips whispering it in my ear?

What does a touch mean, if it aren't your hands, carrying my soul?

What does a night mean, if it isn't your spirit, shining for me?

Nothing! That all means nothing! Cause you are the one , who is making my life to that , what it is!


I'm waking up in a dark and too cold night.
Looking for some peace around me.
There's nothing I could find.
Looking for a warm place in your heart,
again you are just pushing me away from you...
It's just like it always was and how it always will be.

Broken heart.
Well done you!
I gave you my trust, my soul, my heart, my life.
You were just playing with it and raping it! Thanks!


.:This Game:.

Do you like this game?
Oh life, the rulez you made aren't fair.
What for are you doing this?
It's making no sense to me.
I'm opening me arms, my wings and Im flying.
But you oh life, are making me falling down again and again.
Why, oh why?
I'm asking you!
So listen at me!
I'm telling you to stop hurting me.
Even so I know you will never stop pushing me into darkness!
Life I'm bagging you give it up and let it end.
Just let me rest in peace.

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